Stockholm to host global search engine marketing event

SMX StockholmScandinavia’s reputation for high tech investment and innovation means it is a constant magnet for the world’s high tech industries. This year SMX Search Marketing Expo has chosen Stockholm as the location for one of its flagship annual conferences.

SMX is a global search engine marketing conference that offers a wide selection of workshops, discussions and networking opportunities for industry professionals who want to keep ahead in the rapidly changing world of search marketing.

The SMX Search Marketing Expo in Stockholm is planned for the 23rd and 24th September in the Stockholm City Conference Centre, Folkets Hus.

Speakers include Nordic eMarketing’s Kristjan Mar Hauksson and Eniro’s Christer Pettersson, as well as a host of other expert online search marketers. Event speakers are carefully selected based on proven knowledge and experience that they can share with others. There is also a commitment not to include commercial pitches in presentations – a fact that keeps proceedings fresh and fast.

Other SMX expo events take place annually in a several major cities, such as London, Sao Paolo and Seattle, as well as Stockholm. The events provide a fun and stimulating environment for professionals to exchange knowledge and experience, to find and maintain useful contacts and even to keep an eye on the competition.

Personalised search techniques, keyword research tools, and link building are among this year’s top topics. Also on the agenda are targeting potential customer habits and preferences, and how to avoid exclusion by the search engines for ‘spam-like’ behaviour.

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