Danish taxpayers help restore virginity

A doctor of some sortIt has emerged that some women in Denmark are having their virginity ‘restored’ at the expense of the healthcare system, to help make them more attractive as wives for culturally sensitive men.

Some municipalities have approved the use of state funds, by allowing local hospitals to perform hymen reconstruction surgery on women they believe would be discriminated against should it be found that they were not virgins on their wedding night. Most of the women are Muslims.

Dealt with on a case-by-case basis, the practice has evoked public outcry in some sectors and many hospitals are saying they will no longer support the operation with state funding.

Skejby hospital in Aarhus, as well as Rigshsospitalet and Odense Universitetshospital, have previously performed the operation, according to TV2 news.

‘It puzzles me that this can be done. The National Board of Health advises that cosmetic surgery on women’s genitalia is punishable by law. That to me would make it questionable as to whether rebuilding someone’s virginity is legal,’ Peter Hornnes, a gynaecologist at Hvidovre Hospital, told TV2 News.

According to gynaecologist Christina Felding the clinic she works for has carried out the reconstructive surgery on numerous occasions and the bill of 4500 kroner has been sent to the local council.