Danish embassy bombing because of cartoons?

DenmarkMonday’s bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan may have been a reaction to the Mohammed cartoons published in Danish newspapers.

Last year’s cartoons depicted the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb for a turban. It is expressly forbidden in Islam to draw pictures of the Prophet at all. The cartoons were reprinted in February this year.

The reason behind the attack will not be known before the completion of investigations, but it is widely believed to be linked to Muslim distaste for the cartoons, and the Danish government’s continued refusal to apologise for them.

In a recent interview, Pakistan’s ambassador to Denmark enquired whether the newspaper “is satisfied with what it has done and what it has unleashed?” She continued that the matter of the cartoons is something Danes need to reflect on.

Most people agree the cartoons were in poor taste, but debate rages on as to whether the guarantee of free speech justifies their publication.

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