Scandinavians top coffee consumers

coffee beans Scandinavians are some of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world and are likely to remain that way according to a report by Reuters. The biggest coffee roaster in Norway explained that the nation’s younger generation are climbing on board the coffee wagon.

The Friele coffee company has been operating in Norway for 210 years. Owner and chairman, Herman Friele, said: “Ten years ago, I felt I was working with an old-fashioned product. Today, the Starbucks trend has sort of rejuvenated coffee as a modern drink.”

According to recent statistics, people in four Scandinavian countries drink an average of 9.4 kilograms of coffee on an annual basis. New trends in coffee making are bringing in new consumers which previously stayed away from coffee. One such trend is service coffee in tea bag-like pouches known as coffee pods.

“The younger ones who actually go to coffee bars are keen on cappuccino, keen on pods, keen on flavoured coffee. They are keen on coffees that are segmented and different from the mainstream,” Friele said.

Although more coffee is consumed in volume by coffee drinkers in Brazil and America, Scandinavia still tops the charts in terms of per capita consumption.

Another trend in today’s coffee drinkers is a higher appreciation for the flavour of coffee and increased knowledge about the product.

“People demand different tastes and qualities and ways of making coffee which broaden the base for coffee so I am very optimistic for the future of coffee,” said Friele.

Starbucks, the coffee giant which has taken over coffee sales in many Western countries, is almost entirely absent in Scandinavia. While each country has its own chain of gourmet shops, there is still room for small operators to make a name for themselves, and a good pot of coffee for the consumer.

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