International crime comes to Iceland

Icelandic police?According to reports in Iceland Review, international crime has started coming to Iceland. Not only are criminals being sent to Iceland in order to break the law, but large scale organisations are setting up branches in the Nordic nation.

Sigridur Bjork Gudjonsdottir, assistant national commissioner of the Icelandic police told Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid that international crime has become a reality in Iceland. “Reports from the investigative department of the Icelandic police confirm that organised crime has taken root in Iceland,” she said.

Reports indicate that criminals are being sent from organisations in East and Central Europe in order to commit crimes in Iceland.

“Investigations show that international criminals are cooperating with Icelandic criminals, usually involving smuggling and drug trafficking. However, experience has shown us that over time organised crime usually expands the spectrum of illegal activity they engage in” Gudjonsdottir said.

The Icelandic police’s investigative department believes this new trend in international crime will affect their operations in the future. “This development means that the Icelandic police face a new and particularly demanding challenge” Gudjonsdottir states.

According to the US State Department crime levels in Iceland are relatively low. There are occasionally minor assaults and a few incidences of street crime and break-ins, but the State Department feels that the country is generally safe.

In May 2008, the State Department noted: “Iceland’s open borders with its Western European neighbours allow the possibility of terrorists or other criminals entering/exiting the country with anonymity.”

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