Possible widespread strikes in Norway

nurseAlthough some state workers have accepted a wage agreement, workers at the township level are still dissatisfied and likely to go on strike. The strike, if it occurs will most likely affect the health and education sectors of several communities across Norway according to Aftenposten, and may start as soon as Monday.

Negotiations in Oslo over the weekend were successful in ending a 500 worker strike but further negotiations are still necessary.

Mediators are currently at work attempting to come to an agreement with public sector employees around Norway. In some cases they have succeeded, in other cases the negotiations continue. On Friday night, after negotiations went for a full 24 hours beyond the set time limit, state workers agreed to an increase in wages of 6.2 per cent.

The negotiations are occurring on three levels: country, state and township and involve four large labour organisations: Unio, LO, YS and Akademikerne.

Currently, 3,000 members of the Unio union have not accepted an offer which means that teachers, nurses, physiotherapists and administrative staff at the township level may not come to work on Monday.

According to leaders for Unio, the strike will spread quickly and is likely to affect Oslo, Bergen, Baerum, Tromso and Karmoy.

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