Deals for drivers in Scandinavia

NorwayBritish travellers looking for an inexpensive holiday this summer are being urged to consider driving through Scandinavia as DFDS Seaways is offering discounted rates on crossings to Europe and Scandinavia.

DFDS Seaways operates ferries to Esbjerg in Denmark, Amsterdam and Bergen and Stavanger in Norway, all of which are being discounted for summer travellers. The ports are interesting places to explore as well as gateways into the Mediterranean, France and the stunning scenery of Scandinavia.

Not only are driving trips often less expensive than aeroplane flights, they also allow travellers to relax. There are no airport queues, baggage restrictions or flight delays at the port. In addition, no one will lose or damage your luggage or force you to take off your shoes for security reasons.

Fares with DFDS Seaways include the price of overnight accommodation in a cabin onboard for two people and their car. Add-ons allow passengers to pre-book meals, more luxurious cabin accommodation or add more people to the travel plan. In addition for a slightly higher price, DFDS Seaways can transport motor homes, caravans and other large vehicles.

Standard fares for the crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam start at £132 one way. For just £176 each way, passengers can travel between Newcastle and Norway.