Nazis violently attack Swedish feminists

skinheadA small village in Sweden became the site of unexpected violence on Sunday night when seven people were assaulted on the streets. According to reports in The Local, a neo-Nazi group attacked people on their way to a festival promoting feminism, leaving one man in need of hospitalisation.

Farnebo Community College hosted a feminist festival which lasted for three days. The festival has been held every year in Osterfarnebo for the past eight years and draws people into the town from across the country.

A group of young people between 17 and 25 years old reportedly left the festival around one o’clock in the morning.

Police investigator Kalju Poltrago told a local newspaper: “The men drove around the area in a car, shouting ‘sieg heil’ and doing Nazi salutes.”

Police have yet to identify the gang. “Witnesses described how a group of Nazis, or skinheads, got out of a car which was circling the area. After shouting ‘sieg heil’ and doing the Nazi salute the men then proceeded to assault the teenagers who had exited the college” said Poltrago.

The group was assaulted with metal pipes. “One girl was beaten bloody and another thirty year old man was battered while he lay on the ground. He was injured so badly that he had to be rushed to the local hospital for treatment,” said Poltrago.

Just 700 people live in Osterfarnebo, which is located beside a national park.