Iceland opens “green factory” for ORF Genetics

barleyORF Genetics, the privately owned Icelandic biotech company has opened a hydroponic “factory” for growing genetically engineered barley in southwest Iceland. The plant is powered and heated by geothermal energy.

The barley is grown using soil-free hydroponics on a specially designed conveyor belt system, meaning the company can simultaneously grow up to 90 different proteins at the same time.

ORF uses its unique Orfeus (TM) technology to produce biorisk-free ISOkine(TM) human growth factors for use in medical research, drug discovery and cosmetics. The factory is for scientific research and not for food production.

Bjorn L. Orvar, CEO of ORF Genetics, said at the opening of the greenhouse: “Our research and development efforts in recent years are now bearing fruit, and we see great opportunities for rapid growth, specifically in the field of drug discovery and cosmetics.”

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