Condoleezza Rice to visit Iceland and Sweden

condoleezza riceFrom 28th to 30th May, US Secretary Condoleezza Rice will be in Sweden and Iceland, according to reports by AFP. While in Scandinavia, Rice will attend a UN conference in Stockholm on the subject of Iraq.

Sean McCormack, a spokesperson for the State Department, said in a statement: “In Stockholm, she will participate in the International Compact with Iraq, which remains a central focus of our efforts to work with the Iraqi government on a clear, measurable plan of economic reforms.”

“She will meet with donors who have worked bilaterally to build ministerial and provincial capacity and increase the involvement of the private sector,” he continued.

The UN conference will take place on 29th May and will follow up on the International Compact with Iraq (ICI) peace and development plan which was formulated in Sharm el-Sheikh last year in May.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt explained last month that the conference aims “strengthen the international role in Iraq.” At the first meeting, 60 countries participated and 30 billion dollars was pledged.

Despite the money raised during the last meeting, Bildt was keen to stress that this year’s conference would not be a donors’ meeting. “This is a political conference,” he said.

The conference will address issues of local elections and the national reconciliation process as well as increasing the involvement of the UN and the international community in the political development of Iraq.