Man found guilty of bicycle molestation

bikeA man was convicted in court last Friday in Sweden for sexual molestation after he used the saddles of three bicycles in order to satisfy himself. According to reports in The Local, the 40-year-old man was from Ostersund in northern Sweden and was charged with three counts of molestation for which he was found guilty.

The man confessed in court to his strange behaviour. He told the court that in three distinct incidents, he slashed the bicycle tyres of women he found attractive. He then went on to rub himself against the bicycle seats until he was sexually gratified.

The man claimed that his behaviour was motivated by a feeling of confusion he suffered since separating from his partner in 2007.

Reports in local newspapers indicate that for several months, one of the bicycle owners had been afraid of an unidentified stalker who continued to masturbate on her bicycle, which was parked near her home.

Prosecutors have also charged the man with five additional cases of slashing bicycle tyres, but so far he has denied these charges. After hearing scant evidence on these incidents of vandalism, the court acquitted the man for the additional tyre slashing.

On account of the man’s clean criminal record, the court opted not to bestow the maximum penalty of several months’ imprisonment and opt instead for fines and probation. The man has already been in custody while the investigation was conducted and has agreed to seek professional assistance to change his behaviour.

He has been ordered to pay fines totalling SEK 10,000 and SEK 3,000 in damages to each of the three women involved in the case.

A similar case last year in which a Scottish man was convicted of simulating sex with his bicycle sparked a national debate about human rights and the privacy of an individual.