University of Iceland acquires Gavia AUVs

under the seaThe University of Iceland Institute of Biology recently purchased a 500 metre rated Gavia AUV mini submarine from Hafmynd Ehf, according to reports on The Gavia AUV is scheduled for delivery later in the year. AUV means Automated Underwater Vehicle.

The Gavia AUV is required for scientific research by the University which says it will use the vehicle for learning more about the morphology of the sea floor and the quality of water. In addition, the Gavia AUV will be used to monitor benthic habitats and to estimate the density of benthic species such as molluscs and crabs. The AUV will help scientists conduct hydrographical surveys as well.

The University of Iceland will be taking their new acquisition to Norway and to the Faeroe Islands later this year in order to participate in benthic habitat monitoring and other experiments.

The Gavia AUV was selected, according to Dr Jorundur Svavarson, professor of Marine Biology, for its size and mobility. It is ideally suited, according to Dr. Svavarson, for the research projects being conducted by the University.

Makers of the Gavia AUV, Hafmynd Ehf, said they are pleased to facilitate the research being conducted by the University of Iceland and hope that they will work together in the future.

Hafmynd Ehf’s website describes the Gavia as “A small, 2000-metre depth rated AUV. The ideal tool for any research, monitoring or surveillance task where autonomy, cost and ease of deployment matter.”