Riotous ringtone is a real gas

some riot policeFollowing the truck driver’s protest that ended in violence on Wednesday 23rd April, the Icelandic nation has been looking at itself in a slightly different light.

Iceland isn’t used to riots, and the sight of riot police using their shields and batons is most unusual. Some people even joke that they didn’t think Iceland had any riot police.

Police used mace spray more than once during the troubles, with officers shouting “Gas! Gas! Gas! Get off the road!” at the top of their voices. This terrifying and authoritative command seems to have amused several people.

It is now possible to download the gas command online as a mobile phone ringtone. Over a thousand people did just that on the very first day alone.

The truck drivers have been protesting at the high price of fuel and the introduction of EU legislation restricting the amount of time they can drive without rest.

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