Constant crime in Helsinki

helsinkiPolice in Finland announced last week that crime levels in Helsinki have remained constant this year, according to reports in the Finnish News Agency, STT.

From January to March, police in Helsinki processed 18,500 criminal cases. The majority of the crimes reported to the police in the capital during that period were crimes relating to property.

But police reported the levels of violent crimes to have remained largely unchanged compared to the same period last year as well. Police logged 1,300 cases of assault in the first three months of 2008. Of these, over 40 were incidents of aggravated assault.

In addition to assault and property crimes, police in Helsinki have also been combating problems with drugs. In a recent incident, unusually strong heroin led to the deaths of two people in the capital.

Finnish police announced that heroin had been involved in two deaths as well as in several serious overdoses last week. Ten people are under suspicion for trafficking the drugs into the country and the police have taken five of these into custody.

Police believe that despite bringing in people on charges of aggravated narcotics offences, the damage is done, with tens of thousands of doses of the strong drug circulating on the streets of Helsinki today.