Man charged with murder of Swedish girl near Paris

french police officersLast weekend, police in France discovered a burnt body in a forest which has now been confirmed as that of 19-year-old student Susanna Zetterberg from Sweden. Reports in Swedish paper, The Local indicate that police were already looking for a Swedish student who went missing on the way home from a nightclub in Paris last week.

The body was discovered by a passer-by in the forest. The body was partially burnt and was found handcuffed just north of Paris, in the woods near Chantilly according to deputy state prosecutor for Senlis, Etienne Legarigue de Survilliers.

Police believe that the body was set on fire in an attempt to destroy any evidence. A post-mortem examination has already been conducted and reveals that the victim died as the result of a knife blow to the neck. In addition, the victim was severely beaten and had four bullets in her head, but was not sexually assaulted.

The parents of the Swedish student are in Paris and have formally identified the body, according to the Swedish embassy in Paris.

On Friday, police announced they had made an arrest in conjunction with the case, taking into custody a man who was pretending to be a taxi-driver. An investigator said that police were “90 percent sure” of having caught their man after a “race against the clock”. The man, Bruno Cholet, who is reported to have been posing as a taxi driver when he met Zetterberg, was formally charged on Sunday.

Aftonbladet, a newspaper in Sweden states that the missing student had been studying French and the Sorbonne and was working in a café part-time. Cholet could face life imprisonment if found guilty.

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