Scholarships announced for study of sustainable energy

geothermalIn 2008, ten new scholarships will be available for students wishing to study the sustainable use of energy resources on the Master of Science program at REYST. According to Marketwire, Reykjavik Energy Invest (REI) has committed to funding the scholarships at the interdisciplinary school.

REYST is a joint project which brings together the expertise of Reykjavik energy, Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland in order to educate engineers and scientists on the subject of sustainable energy. The program focuses not only on science and engineering, but also brings in experts in the fields of management, design and research. The programme has three main areas of focus, including engineering, earth science and businesses.

Iceland is the ideal location for such a program as it currently uses renewable energy resources for the majority of its fuel needs. The program aims to build upon Iceland’s long tradition of developing and exploiting renewable natural resources as fuel and share this expertise on an international level.

REI is the investment and business development branch of Reykjavik energy and will provide funds for ten scholarships this year. Mr. Gudmundur Thoroddsson, REI’s chief executive, said: “REI is committed to renewable energy. Our support for students signing up for the M.Sc. program at REYST demonstrates that commitment. REYST is a joint effort between our mother company, Reykjavik Energy, Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland. This is the school’s first year of operation. We hope that our support will enable a diverse group of students to attend from around the world.”