Finnish workforce needs reinforcements

Finnish workforce needs reinforcements

labourerAccording to a government expert, Finland requires an additional 100,000 immigrants over the next 20 years in order to fill a severe gap in the labour force.

Rauno Vanhanen, who heads Finland’s employment policy planning programme made the predictions in Kaleva, a provincial daily newspaper earlier this week.

He believes that Finland will need more and more labourers in the future. Some of these labourers may be found among Finnish citizens who are currently unemployed or who are not part of the current workforce.

Including those Finnish labourers, Mr. Vanhanen predicts that a total of 400,000 workers will be required if the country wishes to avoid encountering a shortage of labour in the future.

He said: “This is a very tough challenge and the figures are high. Nevertheless we will make it if the working life of all Finns is extended from its beginning, to its end and in the middle. In addition we must be more productive as well.”

In 2007, Statistics Finland estimated that the employment rate in the country was at 71.5 per cent. Not only is Mr. Vanhanen urging many of those unemployed to join the workforce, but he is also calling upon those currently employed to increase their productivity and work later, putting off retirement until their later years.

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