Airline uses local language for English ad campaign

SAS AirbusSAS Scandinavian Airlines has announced a new marketing campaign which embraces a variety of languages. The campaign uses local languages in English-language advertisements.

According to one of the airline’s general managers, Scandinavian languages reflect the unique culture and style of the northern region. Like the design that comes out of the region, the language also reflects the sleek, stylish nature of Scandinavia.

According to BusinessWire, the advertising campaign, which uses Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, was launched in the United States in newspapers. The advertisements will appear in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Washington, as well as on the radio in New York. The ads will appear, as well, in Europe and in six nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The Scandinavian languages are unique, and we have chosen to communicate words with letters such as å, ä, æ and ø, which can only be found in our languages,” said Jørgen Holme, SAS director of marketing for the Americas. “By doing so we have created eye-catching ads that truly stand out and create an interest, as well as an obvious link to Scandinavia and SAS.

“Our new ads have a clean design, which is very Scandinavian in itself, and in combination with using a Scandinavian word and an image of our aircraft it is clear that we are an airline communicating our heritage and our extensive route network in Scandinavia and Northern Europe,” Holme said.