Finland’s opposition urges China boycott

vasemmistoliitto, left allianceFinland’s opposition, the Left Alliance, issued a party statement on Wednesday, clarifying their position on a possible boycott of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing this year. According to STT, the Finnish News Agency, the Left Alliance party is encouraging the government of Finland not to attend the opening ceremony.

In addition to promoting the government’s absence from the opening ceremony, the Left Alliance is urging Finland to broach the issue of human rights violations with the Chine government.

A statement from the party read: “China’s repeated violations of minority rights cannot be accepted. The Finnish government has so far refrained from taking a clear position on China’s human rights violations.”

Finland’s Left Alliance strongly urged the Finnish government into concrete action on the issue, calling upon the government to demand an inquest from China into the recent violence in Tibet and to call on other members of the European Union for support on the matter.

Other human rights issues the Left Alliance would like to see the government of Finland take up with China include the lack of freedom of foreign press in the country and the lack of free speech in China.

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