Thief steals crocodile in Norway


Reuters recently reported on the theft of a crocodile from an aquarium in Norway.

According to the aquarium’s manager, the thief, who likely just walked out of the compound with the animal, is likely to lose a finger or two for his or her efforts.

Director of the Bergen aquarium, Kees Oscar Ekeli told Reuters that the crocodile was most likely smuggled out of the aquarium in a bag during the facility’s busiest operating hours. “I think whoever did this knew what they were doing,” he said.

The crocodile is a Schneider’s dwarf caiman reptile. Measuring about 70 centimetres in length, the creature goes by the name of “Taggen” or Spike.

“It has a solid bite. Considering it is not bigger than it is, you could lose a few fingers, but no vital organs,” Ekeli said.

Usually, however, the crocodile is fed a combination of fish and meat rather than fingers. The aquarium staff were expecting the creature to grow up to 2.5 metres long, though the species remains one of the world’s smallest crocodiles.

Ekeli fears the worst for Spike. The species is normally found in warm climates such as South America and is unlikely to survive outside the aquarium. In addition, the stress on the four-year-old creature may take its toll.

“We have offered a reward of 25,000 Norwegian crowns (2,500 pounds) to anyone who can give us a tip that leads to finding the crocodile,” Ekeli said.