Globetrotting granny injured in Iceland

Globetrotting granny injured in Iceland

Rosie in the snow

A 61 year old grandmother recently broke several ribs while in the final stages of running around the world. According to the BBC, Rosie Swale Pope had just 60 miles to go before finishing her run across Iceland when she fell and was injured.

Although doctors have asked the woman to rest for at least two weeks, she is keen to get on the road again. The last leg of her epic journey is from Scotland to Tenby, Pembrokeshire, where she lives.

Rosie has been running for four and a half years. She first started her run in October 2003, thinking it would take just 24 months.

Rosie runs with a cart she calls Icebird. She pulls the cart, which contains the tent she often sleeps in, behind her as she runs. It was the cart that caused her injury. She fell onto one of the shafts, hearing “a cracking sound.”

“I have broken two ribs at least near my spinal column, though not dangerous – not near a lung, and also have a bit of damage to the ribs at the front,” she said.

“The only catch is that he [the doctor] said setting immediately would make the injury less likely to heal quickly and could cause more damage. I did not want to be hobbling on arrival in Britain. I want Icebird and I to arrive proudly in fine style,” she said.

Although Rosie has not announced when she plans to make the last leg of her trip, she expects that it won’t be for at least four to six weeks. In the meantime, she is camping on the shores of Lake Myvatn.

Rosie took to the road in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer, the disease that killed her husband, Clive Pope, as well as to raise money for a children’s charity in Russia.

“Very definitely I’ll be bouncing 100 per cent and dancing and doing high kicks for joy as I reach the finish in Tenby,” she wrote on her website.