More bang for your buck in Iceland

Iceland on saleThe recent slide of the Icelandic Krona has made life a little harder for some residents of The Rock – no more buying super jeeps on eBay, for example – but it means the country is now cheaper for visitors.

While a 600 kronur beer used to cost EUR 6.50, GBP 4.90 or DKK 49 at the beginning of the year, that same 600 kronur beer cost only EUR 5.10, GBP 4.00 or DKK 38 during the first week of April.

The new power of the tourist wallet extends beyond the barstool too: three nights at the Hilton Reykjavik hotel used to cost nearly EUR 442 but was over EUR 90 cheaper on 4 April.

Everything is now comparatively cheaper for visiting tourists than four months ago, so why not hire two cars, or go on two whale watching trips? Failing that, just eat lots of great food, drink freely and be merry.

Springtime in Iceland has never looked brighter!

And thanks to budget airline Iceland Express, flights to Iceland are cheaper than ever too.