Mean reality not welcome on northern screens

Scandinavian television viewers are changing their habits. New reports from indicate that reality shows, particularly “mean” ones, have fallen out of favour with Scandinavian audiences, while quality crime series, particularly British shows, are growing in popularity.

Almost every buyer in Sweden mentioned an interest in Britain’s “The Midsomer Murders.” The popularity of the show and the subject matter may lead producers to create similar series.

According to industry reports, television audiences in Norway enjoy almost every genre. However television producers are looking to air a good crime series, something similar to “The Midsomer Murders.”

In Sweden, the American series “Without a Trace” was very popular last year, as was the British series, “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”.

While romantic comedies are particularly sought after in Norway right now, one thing is sure, reality shows are declining in popularity. Those which offer a feel-good message continue to draw audiences, but television producers are starting to shy away from those reality shows with a mean streak to them.

This is the time of year when the year’s past ratings determine what will be on television next year. Television producers from Scandinavia will be meeting with distributors to determine what will grace the screens of Scandinavia in 2008.