Denmark debates boycott of Olympic Games

The Danish public are currently divided over whether to support a boycott of the Olympic Games in China, according to the Copenhagen Post.

Denmark has not yet formally made a decision on boycotting the Beijing Olympics which are scheduled to take place in August this year. The Minister for Culture, Brian Mikkelsen, recently made a public statement declaring his indecision regarding participation at the opening ceremony of the games.

A Gallup poll of residents of Denmark shows that half the population feels that a boycott is appropriate. Of those surveyed, 39 per cent opposed a boycott, while 11 per cent were undecided.

The Culture Minister has placed conditions on his participation in the opening ceremonies. These conditions include monitoring developments in Tibet and the Chinese government’s reaction to protests there.

Some suggest that if the minister makes the decision not to attend the event, he will be supported by Crown Prince Frederik.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has made a public statement against the boycott, attesting that sports and politics should not mix.

Pernille Frahm, member of the Socialist People’s Party, told a local newspaper; “Officially, Denmark should not back the games. Nor should we take part in the opening ceremonies in order to emphasise that China’s human rights efforts are going in the wrong direction.”