Ex-Sugarcube invited to become Womex ‘samurai’

A former member of Icelandic rock band The Sugarcubes, has been invited to become a judicial ‘samurai’ and sit on the jury of the Womex world music festival which will be held in Seville this autumn.

Sigtryggur Baldursson, musician, producer and part-owner of the Icelandic music label Smekkleysa, is an active member of the music scene in Iceland, collaborating with many local artists as well as running the projects Steintryggur and Parabola and the calypso act Bogomil Font.

Baldursson also sits on the board of Iceland Music Export, a government initiative to promote Icelandic music abroad, and FTT, the Icelandic music writers and lyricists association.

Baldursson will join six other Womex ‘samurais’ from Italy, India/UK, Germany, France, USA/Mexico and the Netherlands. The jury will meet in Berlin on 23 – 25 May 2008 to consult on the conference sessions and to select around 30 of the showcase acts.

Part of his task as jury member will be to encourage artists and conference speakers to come forward with proposals for conference sessions and showcase acts.

The Womex world music festival will be held this year in Seville, Spain between Oct 29th-Nov 2nd.

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