Skin cancer on the increase in Sweden

In a recent report from the Gothenburg-based Sahlgrenska University Hospital it was revealed how more Swedes have been diagnosed with skin cancer since 2000 than in any previous decade.


The reason given is that people are voluntarily exposing themselves to the sun’s harmful UV rays more frequently than before. Sahlgrenska’s Gunila Wastensson said to Sveriges Television, “Many of us get sunburned outdoors in our free time-in the garden or on the lake, for example. And we shouldn’t overlook the increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation that comes from traveling overseas.”


The same research revealed that skin cancer is far more prevalent in the south of the country than in the north. The southerly area of Skane has 50 percent more UV exposure than Norrbotten in the north. There is also a big difference between coastal areas and inland regions, with cities and villages on the west coast reporting four times as many malignant melanoma cases since 1970.


Wastensson said the best way to protect yourself is to avoid the sun when it is at its strongest and to wear sunscreen and a hat when outdoors for prolonged periods of time.