Reykjavik police expand use of dogs

The use of canines in law enforcement is widespread practice, but police officers in Reykjavik are looking to use their dogs for other areas of police work, reports Iceland Review.

Local paper Frettabladid recently described how Reykjavik Police Force is investigating different ways of using their police dogs other than just detecting illegal drugs and bombs.

“We are thinking about getting other types of dogs, such as dogs that could be used to exert force which could be used in riots or other similar incidents,” explained Deputy Sheriff Hordur Johannesson. “At the same time we would also be looking for sniffer-dogs that could find things other than drugs, such as objects or biological residues.”

Johannesson said the force had been actively seeking dog breeders who could supply police dogs with specific nasal attributes. Special training programmes are already being devised for the new canine task force.

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