Canadian project to explore climate change in the Arctic

The British Council in Canada has chosen a Prince Edward Island high school to participate in its international climate change youth expedition to Iceland, reports the Guardian newspaper in Canada.

Students from Charlottetown Rural High School, along with others from 14 other Canadian schools, will have a chance to participate in the Cape Farewell expedition, which involves travelling to Iceland to explore the effects of climate change.

CDN$35,000 will be provided by the British Council for the trip across the Atlantic, and the schools being responsible for raising an additional $2000 to prove their commitment to the programme. Teachers at the schools are encouraging students to take part and hope that about 20 or 30 students per school will apply to make the trip to Iceland.

In the end, one student from each school will make the trip to Iceland by sea from the coast of Canada, with the others attending conferences on climate change later in the year in Toronto.

The programme was created in 2001 by British artist David Buckland, who has promoted the Icelandic voyages that are undertaken by artists as well as members of the scientific community. The students will be able to engage and interact with artists and scientists and view how the arctic is being dramatically affected by global warming.

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