Police retrieve stolen Strindberg painting

Last week police in Sweden arrested two men in conjunction with a lost Strindberg painting, reports the Canadian Press.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that officers had located the painting known as ‘Svartsjukans Natt’, or ‘Jealousy’s Night’ while raiding a home in Stockholm.

The raid was not planned in conjunction with the painting but police arrested two men on suspicion of theft and possessing stolen goods.

In 2006 thieves managed to distract staff and remove the piece of art from a wall of Stockholm’s Strindberg Museum. Experts estimate that the painting’s auction price could be as high as US$1.5 million.

The curator of the Strindberg Museum said later that the painting is in good condition and that the canvas, frame and glass are all intact.

The artist, August Strindberg, is one of Sweden’s most well known writers and painters. His novels and short stories are famous across the country. ‘Jealousy’s Night’ was painted in Berlin in 1893 and was possibly an engagement gift for Frida Uhl, his second wife.

His play ‘Miss Julie’ and his novel ‘The Red Room’ are among his most well known written works. Strindberg died in 1912.

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