Prayers and protests against cartoon continue

A prayer leader in Tehran last week urged all Islamic countries to sever their ties with Denmark and with all “those who desecrate Prophet Muhammad.”

According to a report in the Tehran Times, Ayatollah Khatami of the Assembly of Experts believes that the Danish cartoons depicting the religious figure are insulting and part of a plot to stop the spread of Islam in the world.

“In Denmark, where the cartoons were published, the Quran became the best seller book, therefore they should know such actions will not serve their purpose,” Ayatollah Khatami told worshippers.

Last month, newspapers in Denmark reprinted a satirical cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad. First published in 2005, the initial protests resulted in the deaths of 50 people and the controversy surrounding the cartoons has refused to go away.

On Sunday, thousands of Iranian protesters marched against the reprinting of the images, burning both Dutch and Danish flags. According to an AFP reporter, the protesters were chanting, “Death to Denmark, death to Holland.”

A controversial Dutch film is set to be released later this month which many in the Muslim world say is insulting to the Islamic faith.

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