Icelandic culture festival kicks off in Brussels

Brussels will play host to some innovative and intriguing Icelandic art and culture tomorrow when the ‘Iceland on the Edge’ festival opens at the Centre for Fine Arts.

The festival will bring Icelandic music and photography, multimedia installations and a sample of the vibrant cultural life that exists on the small Nordic island of just 300,000 inhabitants.

The 20 events which will take place over the course of the festival are organised into four themes: Pure Energy, Independent People, Bad Taste and Sagas.

While the slogan ‘Pure Energy’ is usually used to advertise the city of Reykjavik to tourists, this event will explore the relationship between culture and nature, showcasing some of the breathtaking scenery that is found in Iceland.

Those looking for modern Icelandic music and art should visit the ‘Bad Taste’ events. The name derives from a local record label and represents the more lively and experimental tastes in music and art.

While the ‘Independent People’ events are focused on the strong-willed people of Iceland today, the Sagas focus more on the rich literary history of the country.

Popular artists who performed at the Iceland Airwaves music festival last summer, Mum, Kira Kira, Skakkamanage and Parachutes, will travel to Brussels to perform at the festival on March 8th.

The festival will continue until the middle of June. For more information visit