Rail Europe to focus on Scandinavia

This year Rail Europe will be focusing on Scandinavia as a prime destination for the Indian market, according to InsideWorld.

According to Gopi Iengar, Rail Europe’s area manager for India and South Asia,
“[Scandinavia] is going to be a focus destination since we are more settled with other destinations, and we will be looking at Scandinavia very aggressively,” he said.

The rail company recently also announced that its new B2B website will soon be launched. “The idea is to augment the distribution with the website initiative,” said Gopi Iengar. He added that Rail Europe predicts a turnover of €1.8 million from bookings made through the portal, which should be ready and operational by the end of the month.

The company also hopes to boost its presence in India by increasing the number of its staff and introducing a more user-friendly online booking site.

“The Indian market is pretty much on the radar of Rail Europe and we are Indian-ising certain routes and also making them group friendly,” said Iengar. “We see India as a hub for the region along with South-Asia, and in the future we may also look at Middle-East.”