Norway asked to mediate in Kashmir

Norway’s reputation and role as a mediator in global conflicts has been brought to the attention of several groups working to secure a resolution to the conflict between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region.

The Norwegian Christian Democratic Party’s central board is urging the government to consider stepping in.

Members of the Kashmiri-Scandinavian-Council (KSC) have also recently released a statement indicating that several of their members, including Kashmiri politician Mirwaiz Omer Farooq, have called on the government and civil society in Norway to mediate between India and Pakistan.

Norway is often considered a mediator on the world stage, especially following the country’s constructive work in Sri Lanka. In Kashmir, however, Norway’s potential role would be extremely challenging as trust between India and Pakistan has eroded over the years since the conflict began. Norway is considered to have a good relationship with both the Indian and Pakistani governments.

According to the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party, Pakistan and the Pakistani area of Kashmir have already called for a third party mediator to be brought into the situation. If the mediation is to occur, however, India must also approve of the decision.

According to the KSC’s executive director, Ali Shahnawaz Khan, there is no country like Norway in terms of ability to act as an honest broker for peace in the region.