Danish anti-monarchy protest brings mixed reactions

The satire movement ‘Surrend’ organised an anti-monarchy protest in Copenhagen recently, reports the AFP.

Demonstrators covered the streets with posters showing the heads of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik in a pool of blood next to a guillotine. The posters were inscribed with the French slogan “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” on the bottom.

Surrend founding member Jan Egesborg said the “goal was to spark a debate on the monarchy’s obsolete role in the 21st century, using a strong image that draws people’s attention.”

Another Surrend member, Pia Bertelsen, said: “We think the monarchy’s time has come in Denmark. It is time to put an end to this archaic and anti-democratic system, as during the French Revolution.”

Passersby expressed mixed reactions to the posters.

“I, like most Danes, like the royal family and I think it’s barbaric,” said Camilla Hurhammer, a psychologist.

A woman named Bente said the poster “jumps out at you.” “Maybe they’re right, the monarchy takes itself too seriously,” she said.

When the country became a constitutional monarchy in 1849, the Danish monarchy effectively lost all political power.

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