Ice hockey player linked to Finnish drug ring

The former NHL (National Hockey League) player Jere Karalahti is scheduled to go on trial 29 January for alleged involvement in smuggling and distributing amphetamines in Finland, reports The Canadian Press.

The extensive drug case has pinpointed 18 other suspects, although the exact charges made have not been released. Karalahti will go on trial near Helsinki at the Vantaa prison court.

Police interrupted a team practice session last month to question Karalahti, who was linked to a drug network that was active in July.

After a six-month suspension for violating NHL substance abuse policy for the third time, Karalahti left the league in 2002. He joined Karpat in 2007 with a promise to abide by the strict club rules on substance abuse. In the 1998 and 1999 world championships, Karalahti was voted an all-star defenceman.

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