Innotec opens new office in Denmark

Innotec, a software company based in Germany, is opening a new Nordic head office in Allerød, Denmark, in order to expand its operations in Scandinavia.

Innotec has already established a large market for itself in Scandinavia but the company anticipates significant further growth in the region which is just north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The German-based company, which employs 260 people across the world, provides software solutions to companies looking to optimise their production processes.

Terkel Tofte is the managing director of the new Nordic Head Office. He predicts that Innotec will see a 30 per cent growth rate every year in its employee numbers and turnover. As a result, the company will probably hire 12 to 15 Danish staff over the next five years.

Tofte said: “It is first and foremost a question of good logistics and infrastructure in relation to the rest of Scandinavia and to our German parent company. The location is simply ideal”.

Innotec’s operations in Denmark have been supported through the work of Copenhagen Capacity which has helped organize visiting programs as well as provide practical support for their operations.

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