Bezzerwizzer joins Mattel for quiz game venture

Bezzerwizzer, a Danish entrepreneur company, recently signed an international partnership with America’s popular toy producer, Mattel.

Bezzerwizzer was only launched in 2006 and has made a name for itself with its popular quiz game of the same name.

The game was only recently introduced into Germany where it has been well received. That success paved the way for the recent partnership with Mattel.

Mattel, the world’s largest manufacturer of toys, signed a global licence agreement with the Danish firm and will bring Bezzerwizzer into the international market, according to reports by Berlingske Business.

Jesper Bülow, who developed the game and who is general manager of Bezzerwizzer commented: “The agreement with Mattel means that we will have a fantastic sales and marketing motor for Bezzerwizzer. In this way we can concentrate on the development of new quality products.”

Although Mattel has several popular board games under its label, such as Scrabble, UNO and Pictionary, it does not yet offer a quiz game product.

Bezzerwizzer should be available in the UK, France and Scandinavia sometime in 2008. The game contains 5,000 questions grouped into 20 categories and can be played with individuals or with teams.