Newspaper phone a big hit in Sweden

The Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter has introduced the first ‘newspaper telephone’ in the world, allowing subscribers to access their website through the mobile phones.

Subscribers to the newspaper can use the company website to buy the Nokia 6120 third-generation mobile phone after agreeing to a 199 SKK monthly plan. Once signed up for the service, subscribers can browse through the website at the touch of the phone’s ‘DN’ button.

Thorbjorn Larsson, editor-in-chief and publisher of Dagens Nyheter, said the plan aims to give customers access to the news when the paper or a computer is unavailable.

Larsson said the new service was more popular than even expected, resulting in an overload of the company switchboard on Wednesday.

The newspaper’s head of marketing, Johan Othelius, said this was a step towards making Internet access on mobile phones commonplace. “Many people think it’s complicated and they don’t know how much it costs. Now we’re removing that obstacle,” Othelius said.

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