Icelandair terminates Baltimore / Washington flights in 2008

IcelandairIcelandair has shifted its focus on North Atlantic flights. The route changes will be that: flights to Toronto will be added as a new destination, the Baltimore/Washington operation will be terminated, there will be more added capacity to London and there will be up to five daily flights to Copenhagen.

“Our schedule for 2008 will be similar to our 2007 schedule but we are changing our North Atlantic operations by moving to Toronto in Canada from Baltimore/Washington. We have expanded considerably over the past few years, so the focus in 2008 is on making adjustments to our network,” said Jon Karl Olafsson, the former CEO of Icelandair.

Olafsson added, “We have a strong focus on serving our domestic Icelandic market and visitors to Iceland and we are fine-tuning the Icelandair network and our capacity in order to increase its profitability.”

More information can be found on the Icelandair web site.