The treatment of Lillendahl by US customs was unacceptable

The Icelandic government has asked for an explanation from the US authorities about the treatment of Erla Ósk Lilliendahl, an Icelandic native that got roughed up by US customs at JFK airport in New York.

The International Herald Tribune reports, ‘Iceland’s government has asked the US ambassador to explain the treatment of an Icelandic tourist who says she was held in shackles before being deported from the United States.’

The International Herald Tribune also writes,’ On Thursday, Foreign Minister Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir told U.S. Ambassador Carol van Voorst that the treatment of Lillendahl was unacceptable. “In a case such as this, there can be no reason to use shackles” Gisladottir said. “If a government makes a mistake, I think it is reasonable for it to apologize, like anyone else.”‘

Van Voorst has contacted the officials at JFK airport and asked them to provide a report on Lillendahl’s case.

The Lillendahl case is starting to be noticed internationally as more and more news media is picking it up, among them AP and AFP .

See more from the the International Herald Tribune here

For those who understand Icelandic, here is Erla’s (Lilliendahl) blog and here is a translation

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