Makeover for online Icelandic retailer Nordic Store

Nordic StoreNordic Store, which specializes in selling Icelandic products online, has been recently redesigned and relaunched in time for Christmas.

The Iceland based retailer ships genuine Icelandic products, such as maps, woolen goods, food and even liquor, to online shoppers anywhere in the world.

The new ice blue site offers a “more user-friendly interface, heightened security and new powerful search tool” according to a company statement. Shoppers can now search for individual products or narrow their search for the most popular objects in a certain category.

The range of Icelandic goods has also been expanded. As well as a huge selection of food and drink products, there is also a selection of high quality handmade crafts, woolen goods, jewelry, maps, travel guides, books and films. It’s also possible to browse products through product themes such as Vikings, Runes and Icelandic Horses.

Nordic Store also contains a large Christmas section which includes unique festive products such as Icelandic leaf bread, Christmas beer, wool art decorations and 2008 calendars.

As Iceland doesn’t export many of its popular goods and crafts, most of the products featured on Nordic Store are impossible to find anywhere outside the country. If requested, the staff are even able to track down special Icelandic items and ship them out.

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