Fishing industry loses faith in research institute

The once well-respected Marine Research Institute (MRI) in Iceland has lost the support of many local fisherman this year who expressed their lack of confidence at the MRI’s recent annual meeting.

According to the Icelandic Federation of Fishing Vessel Operations (LIU), the Institute has lost touch with the reality of the fishing industry today and is not aware of the pressure local fishermen are facing.

One of the biggest sources of contention between the MRI and the fishing industry has been over this year’s large-scale reduction in the cod quota. LIU members also called for a removal of fishing levies at the meeting.

Members of the National Federation of Small Boat Owners (NASBO) also criticised the MRI. According to members of NASBO, the MRI has failed to acknowledge the experience and expertise of small boat owners, losing out on a valuable source of information.

The LIU issued a statement after the meeting saying, “The Institute has been starved of funding, and its capacity to carry out its legally required duties in a professional manner has been severely restricted.” Members called for an increase in the amount of funds available for marine research in Iceland.

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