India signs energy cooperation agreement with Iceland

The governments of India and Iceland last week signed an agreement in which they declared their mutual cooperation on the development of new technology for renewable resources.

An official statement from India confirmed that the New and Renewable Energy Ministry had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Icelandic government.

According to the statement, India hopes that the two countries will cooperate on developing systems, components and devices which will enable the utilisation of renewable energy. In addition, both governments will monitor and evaluate their cooperation activities together.

The first step towards the signing of the memorandum was taken last June when the Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Vilas Muttemwar, came to Iceland.

The visit led to the first agreement on energy between the two countries. They decided to explore cooperation in the fields of geothermal, wind energy, fuel cells and hydrogen.

Cooperation on hydrogen and fuel cells was agreed upon as part of the foum of International Partnership for Hydrogen Economy (IPHE).

A delegation from Iceland will return the Ministry’s visit this November in order to establish contacts for renewable energy at an industry level