Iceland’s amphetamine drug bust continues

Icelandic investigators are continuing to follow up information relating to the massive seizure of amphetamines confiscated from a vessel in eastern Iceland last month. Members of Iceland’s Capital Region Police Department are now in Denmark, continuing to investigate drug smuggling in the region.

Last month, 58 kilos of drugs, the majority of which were amphetamines, were confiscated from a ship in Faskrudsfjordur.

In response to leads on the case, detectives from Iceland have already made visits to the Faroe Islands and Norway and have had help from Germany and the Netherlands as well.

The operation was the result of coordination between members of the Special Forces, police officers, Coast Guard Members and officials from the capital region police department’s Drug Department. Taking into account those who have already been involved as well as the extent of the follow up investigations being conducted, the case has become one of the most extensive police operations in the criminal history of Iceland.

Five local citizens were arrested as a part of the case last month and are still being held in custody for their suspected participation in drug smuggling along with one other individual.

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