American aluminium company gets green go-ahead

A subsidiary of the Century Aluminium Company announced last week that they had received positive feedback from the Icelandic Planning Agency. The agency recently reviewed an Environmental Impact Assessment for a smelter construction plan located near Helguvik in Iceland.

The Planning Agency considered the impact of a smelter in the area on the local environment and reached the conclusion that no negative impact would be had on the area if planning was approved.

A construction license has still, however, not been issued to the company. The Planning Agency did suggest that carbon emission quotas be considered among other environmental issues. The company is working together with local municipal officials and authorities to work out those issues in a timely manner.

“This is an important milestone,” said president and chief executive officer Logan W. Kruger. “We appreciate the support and cooperation we have received from the communities, energy companies and regulatory agencies. While much hard work remains, we intend to begin preparing the site for construction by early next year.”

Although the corporate offices of the Century Aluminium Company are located in Monterey, California, the company possesses primary aluminium facilities in Iceland as well as the US, and also owns interests in aluminium and bauxite assets in Jamaica.