Iceland hosts International Conference on Consumers and the Internet

IMXIcelandic Music Export, in partnership with Nordic e-Marketing and the Trade Council of Iceland, will be hosting the ‘Who is in Control?’ conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on Wednesday 17th October.
The conference will discuss innovative approaches to online music marketing and distribution, including radical new business models for music, culture and entertainment. It will also explore the latest developments in digital marketing, new technological opportunities and sources of funding in the digital world.

Changes in consumer behaviour, including the rise of social networking and mobile entertainment, will be analysed and a host of marketing experts will be presenting examples of innovative and successful digital marketing campaigns.
The Who is in Control? conference will feature an impressive line-up of high profile speakers, including representatives of major record labels, marketing experts, professors, lawyers, music publications and leading brands and chains who will be sharing their wisdom, thoughts and ideas.
Keynote speaker will be the legendary media futurist Gerd Leonhard. Joining him will be Jane Pollard, Head of Creative Strategy at Beggars Banquet, and Iain Forsyth, Head of Digital Media at Mute Records, who will discuss a number of ground-breaking case studies. Ralph Simon, one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment industry and Denzyl Feigelson, editorial programmer for the UK iTunes Music Store, will also be speaking.
Conference panellists will include Alison Wenham, CEO of AIM, Adam Lewis, co-owner of the Planetary Group, Fred Bolza, Senior Director of Digital Development for Sony BMG in the UK & Ireland, and Tina El-hage, Ventures Business Manager at Guardian News & Media.
Native Icelandic expertise will be supplied by Internet promotion expert Kitty Von-Sometime from online games company CCP (of EVE Online fame), Arni Matthiasson from, former Sugarcube Einar Orn Benediktsson, Hjalmar Gislason from Siminn and Stefan Hjorleifsson from
The Who is in Control? conference will appeal to musicians, artists, advertising and marketing professionals and anyone else interested in the future of music and entertainment on the Internet.
To register for the Who is in Control? conference, contact Gréta at or phone + 354 511 4000. The price is IKR 20,000 (approx GBP 160 or EUR 230).
For further information visit Iceland Music Export at: