Reykjavik to host conference on the future of music

Who is in Control? – an international conference on the future of music and the latest trends in digital marketing will be taking place in Reykjavik on Wednesday 17 October 2007.

Icelandic Music Export has partnered up with Nordic eMarketing and the Trade Council of Iceland to host the conference on new marketing initiatives and the future of music on the internet.

With just 2% of music consumers paying for downloads, the challenge for the industry has been to try and find a way of adapting to – and surviving within – the Brave New World of the internet and 3G Technology.

Who is in Control? is an international conference that will be held in Reykjavik on the 17th October 2007 to discuss not only a new business model and whether Iceland could be a test bed for it, but also the latest trends in digital marketing, new technological opportunities and funding in the digital world.

Various high profile speakers from around the globe will attend the conference, including representatives of major record labels, marketing experts, lawyers, music magazines and websites and leading brands and chains.

The keynote speaker will be futurist, Gerd Leonhard, Other confirmed speakers and panellists include Alison Wenham CEO of AIM, Ralph Simon CEO of Music Entertainment Forum, Federico Bolza Head of Digital Strategy for Sony-BMG, Paul Hitchman at and Tina El-Hagen Venture Business Manager at Guardian New Media Ventures.

Jane Pollard, Head of Creative Strategy at Beggars Banquet, will also be showing samples from the Thom Yorke campaign as well as discussing different approaches to breaking new artists. Iain Forsyth, Head of Digital Media at Mute Records, will talk about his campaigns for Nick Cave’s new Grinderman project, as well as the Moby “Hotel” campaign.

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