mySupermarket launches health checking tool

mySupermarketSupermarket price comparison website,, has today launched a new tool that counts the calories of UK shopping trolleys.

The Health Checker uses the Food Standards Agency’s approved ‘traffic light system’ which allows mySupermarket shoppers to see the fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt level of any product on the site. According to mySupermarket, the automatic calorie counter could knock 4,000* calories off the average weekly shop, equivalent to losing more than a stone in weight per year*.

mySupermarket is the UK’s only independent supermarket comparison web site that compares the prices of four online supermarkets in the UK; ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado (Waitrose). The web site is quick and easy to use and allows shoppers to buy groceries and arrange home delivery online – thus avoiding all the queues and chaos of normal supermarkets.

Shoppers start off by typing in their postcode and choosing a supermarket that delivers to their area. Products are then selected from highly-visual, catagorised shelves which also display the price and calorific value of each item.

At check-out, mySupermarket displays the total savings that can be made in terms of both price and nutritional value by means of simple product swaps. Shoppers can also choose to send their whole trolley to a cheaper supermarket if desired. Prices are updated constantly, the web site providing both the latest special offers and the cheapest prices at supermarkets in the UK.

Johnny Stern, Director of said, “Many shoppers have told us that health is just as important as money when it comes to selecting products at the supermarket.”

Nutrition Consultant, Juliette Kellow, has described the Health Checker as “one of the most exciting tools” she has seen. “With a few clicks of the mouse, shoppers can easily view the nutrition information for a whole range of products in one go, taking away the need to scrutinise loads of different labels individually,” said Juliette. is owned entirely by a group of UK private investors and mySupermarket employees. No supermarkets or product manufacturers have stakes in the company.

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Notes to Editors

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* this information is based on a sample of 20,000 shopping trolleys from with an average trolley comprising of 47 items. The nutritional savings are based on an average of six suggested alternatives per trolley using the Health Checker tool on mySupermarket. The information is based upon the shopper accepting the healthiest suggested alternative for all of the six.

About is an independent shopping comparison and saving website for UK supermarket shoppers. The site allows shoppers to shop online from ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Ocado (Waitrose) and to save up to 20% on their weekly shop regardless of which supermarket they choose.

mySupermarket Ltd is a private company, owned by a group of private investors and mySupermarket employees – a team of online experts, dedicated to using internet technology to make online shopping a more enjoyable, or at least more bearable, experience.

mySupermarket is an impartial service based on continuously updated information. None of the supermarkets or product manufacturers own a stake in the company. uses the Food Standards Agency approved colour-code system that’s designed to help shoppers easily identify the fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt content of a product. The colour-coding compares nutrition values per 100g of the product and uses traffic light colours, where green indicates a low content, amber a medium content and red a high content. Providing the information in this way means shoppers can easily compare products – and opt for the healthier ones.