New high-speed communications cable to link Iceland with the world

A new fibre-optic cable system will soon be built under the sea, connecting Iceland to Hibernia Atlantic’s northern Atlantic submarine cable system. Hibernia Atlantic is the only company providing submarine cable connections across the Atlantic which do not cross traditionally congested waterways, like near New York or the UK.

Representatives from the company say they will soon branch a cable off the network and allow Iceland to connect directly to other countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland and Europe. Direct communications will be possible between Iceland and 42 cities.

The new cable system should be operational and available for customers in the autumn of 2008, according to projections by Hibernia.

“Many server-intensive customers who require reliable and inexpensive power for collocation services are looking to Iceland as their most cost-effective solution,” explains Ken Peterson, chairman of Hibernia Atlantic’s Board of Directors and the chairman of Columbia Ventures Corp., Hibernia’s parent company.

“Iceland has an abundance of inexpensive geothermal and hydroelectric power that makes it attractive for many industries. The country is also committed to one day becoming entirely reliable on renewable energy sources, thereby making it an attractive and fertile place to do business,” Peterson notes.

Iceland is currently connected by a submarine cable between Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland. The new system will upgrade the capacity of Iceland residents to connect to the world, as well as offering more efficiency and reliability in connection.