Plane crash-lands in lava field

On the evening of August 9th, a Cessna-152 plane with two people on board crashed into a lava field near Reykjavik. The two passengers were airlifted from the area south of Straumsvík, near Hafnarfjördur, and taken to the national hospital Landspítali in Reykjavik. Doctors at the hospital confirmed that the two are faring well.

Local media sources reported that extracting the two passengers proved to be difficult due to the location of the crash. The plane came down just over six kilometres from the main road.

The helicopter took the two people to the trauma centre at the hospital. Given the nature of the accident, which left the plane almost completely in pieces, the medical staff were surprised at the condition of the passengers who lacked any serious injury.

The cause of the crash has not yet been discovered but investigations are underway.

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